you got questions, and i've got answers!

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email at helllo@madelinemaephoto.com

Do you require a retainer upon booking?

Yes, I require a 30% retainer upon booking and the rest can be paid anytime before your big day!

how long does it take to get photos?

Between 5 to 7 weeks! I try my hardest to get everyone's done as soon as I can!

how many photos will i receive? 

I don’t promise a certain amount but on average a typically take around 75 photos in an hour. I will give you all of the photos I love, I don’t believe in cutting off at a certain limit. 

We don't need engagements/we are out of state and won't be able to do engagements, can we swap them out for something else?Question three goes here?

Yes! As long as it is of equal value. Most couples like to swap out engagements for a second shooter which is always an option. Sometimes it ends up costing a small amount depending on your package. Another option is adding on time to your package instead of engagements! We can always figure something out!

Do you have full wedding galleries available for me to view?

Yes! I know this is something that can help this decision process, so I am happy to share previous client's galleries with you.

Why do I need a second shooter?

Second shooters help with so much! They are able to focus more on the groom while I focus on you. I usually send them to get shots of him getting ready if the timeline doesn't allow for me to (which happens a lot), and I love to have them get his reaction as you are coming down the aisle if I am in a position where I need to focus more on you. If you have more questions about second shooters, I'm happy to answer them!

Am I able to add on more time to my engagement session?

Yes! Adding on more time is always an option!

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Will you help me along the way?

YES! I want you to know that I am here for you, whatever you need! I want to be more than just your photographer. I want to be your friend, someone you can fully trust and rely on. My clients are SO important to me!Yes! Adding on more time is always an option!